We are muffin experts. CSM Bakery Products set the industry standard for the ultimate muffin. It makes sense that we are the world’s largest provider of Scoop-N-Bake muffin batter and pre-deposited muffins because our experts pioneered those formats.

Our customers choose from hundreds of taste-tempting varieties, in formats that best suit their operation’s labor and business profile. Among our varieties are low fat, hearty grain, all-natural and no-sugar-added muffins, which address the majority of consumers’ dietary or health requirements. We also offer premium muffins with unique divine centers that contain the creamiest of cream cheeses.

One significant reason for our dominance in this category is that we infuse the maximum amount of inclusions, such as blueberries, cranberries and chocolate chips, into each muffin. In addition, we create specific batter recipes for each type of muffin. The result is the industry’s most extraordinary flavor.