Icing & Toppings

Smooth as velvet and light as a cloud, our icings outperform the competition with superior texture and flavor. Available in a wide variety of flavors, formats include ready-to-use from the pail and as water-add bases.

The consistency and stability of our icings can’t be beat. Our buttercreme, decorative and specialty icings are perfect for flawless spreading or decorating.

We've also created icings for the health conscious. Our proprietary shortening technology enables us to offer several TranSmart™ icings that are trans fat free, without partially hydrogenated fats or oils. These icings sacrifice nothing when it comes to delectable flavor.

Consistency and stability are also the hallmarks of our versatile whipped toppings. Liquid and pre-whipped formats are shelf-stable for up to five days on a product, which keeps desserts looking scrumptious in the display case. These toppings are delivered in re-sealable pouches that lock out odors and simplify storage.

Our collection of icings and toppings includes:

  • Buttercreme Icings
  • Decorating Icings
  • Speciality Icings
  • Fudge Bases
  • Donut and Pastry Icings
  • Whipped Toppings
  • Mousse Bases