Cake Truffles


We’ve created the latest rage in dessert by combining our superior cake and icing to create cake truffles by Brill. These rich, boutique pleasures are more than just a trendy new cake form - they evoke an upscale experience for your customers in their favorite nostalgic flavors.

Cake Truffles by Brill allow you to satisfy your customers' impulse cravings by offering an individual dessert. These decadent spheres of deliciously moist cake bits and indulgent frosting, covered with a ganache-style coating, are offered in the most popular cake flavors - triple chocolate, peanut butter, red velvet, carrot and German chocolate.

Brill's latest varieties take these luscious spheres to the next level and are fabulously filled with a luxurious center by Henry & Henry, adding to the indulgence of the consumer's eating experience. Combining layers of flavor that excite the pallet, fabulously filled cake truffles are available in three varieties. Salty Caramel Pecan creates the perfect balance between salty and sweet while Lemon Drop is a flawless combination of sweet and tart, and S’mores brings back a favorite nostalgic treat.

The cake truffles are bulk-packed in a unique tray designed to protect the product and allow you to custom merchandise the truffles. Additionally, both of their cake truffle varieties are offered in a decorative retail sleeve or a convenient retail 4-pack that comes labeled with eye-catching graphics that capture your customers' attention while also conveying the flavor. It’s a breeze to provide your customers with these boutique-inspired delights.