Soft, chewy and baked to golden-brown perfection, our cookies are the ideal that cookie lovers crave. We offer a wide range of flavors, sizes and formats, including frozen pucks, mixes, bases, batters and ready-to-sell.

At CSM Bakery Products, we can make virtually any type of cookie our customers need. Looking for holiday cut-out cookies, unique seasonal varieties or message cookies? Or how about upscale, filled treats like our Centerfuls and Skrumptions? We have them all, and they are made with the highest-quality ingredients, including imported cocoa and proprietary flour.

Every cookie batch is bake-tested three times to guarantee the highest quality. In our manufacturing process, we maintain a constant dough temperature to ensure consistency and we hand pack cookies on the line. Wire cutting gives our cookies a “made like mom’s” appearance and increases the amount of particulates in each one.

Even though 90% of our cookies are made with butter, they have zero grams of trans fat per serving. Each type of cookie is formulated for the absolute best flavor and freshness, and none contain preservatives.