No one knows cake better than CSM Bakery Products. We offer the full spectrum of luscious cakes and tailor them to suit each customer’s bakery needs – from cake layers in 16 sensational standard and seasonal flavors, to expertly decorated celebration cakes that need only a message added, and everything in between.

Our cakes contain the highest-quality ingredients and are specifically made to complement our icing formulas for the most delicious combinations. Most of our cakes are now trans fat free and all are made from original recipes. We also offer a variety of formats to suit your needs, including:

  • Thaw-N-Sell layer cakes
  • Celebration cakes and gourmet sliced cakes
  • Base iced cakes
  • Uniced cake layers
  • Scoop-N-Bake batters
  • Dry mixes and bases

To reduce labor, we also offer baked cupcakes ready for decorators to customize for local consumers’ tastes. Among our unique products are filled cupcakes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors and fillings, and our Sensibly Indulgent cupcakes. These trans fat free marvels allow diet-conscious consumers to indulge their sweet tooth with a 120-calorie full-size serving.