Innovation. It’s the ideas that keep your customers returning for more. The quality that creates a reliable, consistent experience. The insights that keep you one step ahead of competitors and provide your customers exactly what they seek. Thanks to a strategic investment in world-class resources and people and our industry expertise, no other bakery products company delivers innovation capabilities on a similar scale.

With access to CSM's Global Innovation Centers and an emphasis on research and development, CSM Bakery Products leverages multiple resources around the world to bring innovation to the marketplace. We operate on the leading edge of mega-trends, introduce novel concepts of our own and help others enhance a particular niche.

A focus on innovation goes far beyond the products we create. It encompasses the processes we employ and the ingredients we source. It includes exploring more cost-effective solutions, as well as new ways to save you time and labor. Marketing experts work closely with customers to continually evolve brands to meet changing needs. Innovation places our company on the forefront of tomorrow to meet the needs of today’s changing world.

Take a look at some of the ways CSM Bakery Products delivers innovation:

  • Health & Wellness: Exploring options to improve nutritional profiles and products featuring fewer calories, while retaining flavor, appearance and textural appeal
  • Indulgence: Leveraging global resources to develop treats that delight
  • Preparation: Helping customers reduce costs with low- and no-labor products, including Thaw & Sell, Retail- Ready and Freezer-to-Oven
  • Cost Containment: Investigating ingredient alternatives that don't sacrifice quality or taste to address rising commodity costs