Press Release: Coffeehouse Collection Muffins


Multifoods’ ground-breaking, indulgent flavors deliver outstanding quality in labor-saving baked and predeposited formats

Atlanta – June 6, 2012CSM Bakery Products has launched an innovative line of muffins featuring unique and delicious gourmet flavors inspired by the most popular coffeehouses. The premium Coffeehouse Collection Muffins by Multifoods contain the highest quality ingredients and are delivered in easy-to-use baked and pre-deposited formats.

“These muffins address trend research that indicates consumers view muffins as more than just a breakfast item,” says Michelle Spohnholz, Vice President, Marketing, CSM Bakery Products. “Increasingly, consumers are eating muffins as a treat or an indulgence throughout the day. We developed our Coffeehouse Collection Muffins to invoke the quality level consumers have come to expect at today’s upscale coffeehouses.”

Nine unique flavor combinations differentiate the Coffeehouse Collection Muffins, including Groovy Banana Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Toffee Delight.

“For part of the new line, we took traditional flavors and added a twist to make them extra decadent,” says Pauline Feddo, Senior Product Marketing Manager, CSM Bakery Products. "For example, we added a little maple to your standard blueberry muffin to create Jazzy Blueberry Pancake. For others, we looked to preferred desserts and coffeehouse flavors to create the unique flavors such as Southern Peach Cobbler and Vanilla Latte Supreme.”

“All of the muffins in the Coffeehouse Collection are made with premium ingredients for superior flavor and moistness as well as excellent shelf life,” says Feddo. “Wild blueberries, Clingstone peaches, IDA red apples, liquid molasses and the finest cinnamon from Southeast Asia are just a few of the quality ingredients we use.”

The packaging for the baked Coffeehouse Collection is also unique. According to Feddo, “Ourhybrid package features a clear, plastic dome that makes a complete seal over the paperboardbottom tray. When we tested it, consumers said the package reflected a higher quality productthat they would buy more frequently. As an added bonus, the top is made from 70% recycledPET bottles in a solar-powered plant.”

Also contributing to the upscale nature of the product and package, the design of the packagelabel is bold and colorful, creating a visual speedbump for consumers in the bakery andcontributes to the upscale image of the product.

CSM Bakery Products developed the Coffeehouse Collection Muffins in predeposited format as a result of customer demand. These muffins deliver the same high quality as the baked muffins and allow customers to add their own finishing touches.

“Coffeehouse Collection Muffins reinvent the muffin category,” adds Spohnholz. “We have broken the flavor and quality mold to provide a premium product for discerning customers.”

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