Press Release: TranSmart Thaw & Serve Trans Fat Free Cakes

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Innovative Offering from Brill Brand Features Superior Taste and Performance
Profile; Streamlines Customer Operations

ATLANTA – April 15, 2011 – An innovative new line of TranSmart™ Thaw & Serve Trans Fat Free Cakes from CSM Bakery Products is now available, featuring superior taste and a performance profile indistinguishable from versions of the baked goods containing trans fat. The dessert, celebration and holiday cakes -- offered under the company’s Brill brand -- appeal to consumers, help bakeries and foodservice operators comply with regulatory requirements, and streamline customer operations by eliminating the need to have two versions of essentially the same product: one with, and one without, trans fat.

“Our research and development process perfected formulations for this entire cake line, retaining the outstanding quality and performance expected from our products,” says Michelle Spohnholz, Vice President, Marketing, CSM Bakery Products. “The elimination of trans fat on the label is the only place where you will notice a difference.” Ideal for in-store and independent bakeries, as well as for some foodservice establishments, the TranSmart products replace the company’s line of Thaw & Serve cakes.

“This new product line delivers a ‘better for you’ consumer option,” says Elizabeth Thomson, Product Marketing Manager for cakes and cupcakes at CSM Bakery Products. “In addition, by converting our entire line to trans fat free products, it simplifies distribution.” For example, instead of ordering a regular carrot cake for one municipality and a trans fat free version for a neighboring location that prohibits trans fats, all stores in a chain receive the same great-tasting cake, while also complying with regulations. “This streamlines the ordering process and enhances our customer partnerships by eliminating logistical challenges,” she explains.

“CSM Bakery Products is committed to meeting consumer needs through product innovation and providing business solutions for our customers,” says Spohnholz. “With the TranSmart introduction, we are able to accomplish these objectives.”

CSM Bakery Products has an extensive research and development department with locations in Atlanta and Minneapolis. In addition, the organization has access to a network of Global Innovation Centers through its Amsterdam-based parent company, CSM, the world’s largest supplier of bakery products and a leading player in natural food preservation and green chemicals.

The TranSmart product line includes finished seven- and eight-inch dessert cakes, plus holiday and celebration cakes in eight-inch, as well as quarter-sheet formats. In addition, cake and icing components are available for customers that prefer to decorate onsite. Specialty flavors available in the dessert cakes include carrot, cookies ‘n crème, golden fudge, fudge truffle, coconut, German chocolate, Italian cream, red velvet, lemon and other delicious varieties. To order or obtain further information, call 800-241-8526 or visit

Atlanta-headquartered CSM Bakery Products is the secret ingredient behind many of the country’s most successful retail food operations. Our people offer insights, expertise and passion, as well as strong partnerships with in-store bakeries, retailers, foodservice operators and distributors. The company delivers a comprehensive, alluring sweet goods portfolio; innovative business solutions derived from global expertise; and a distinguished mosaic of heritage brands, including Brill, Multifoods and Henry & Henry. CSM Bakery Products provides innovative solutions and creates the treats that delight consumers and earn their loyalty every day.

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