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We continue to raise the bar by expanding our market-leading buttercreme offering to include four exciting flavors. With these new flavors, Brill is elevating the indulgence of buttercreme icing by adding bits of cookie, candy or fruit. The first of these innovative additions include Cookies N’ Crème, Mint Cookies N’ Crème, Confetti  and Chocolate Orange Icing Fusions.


Brill Icing Fusions are a great way for retailers to create a unique bakery offering for their shoppers. The innovative product is not only perfect for icing cakes or cupcakes but can also be used to fill donuts, decorate cookies and more.

Cookies N’ Crème combines quality Brill buttercreme with pieces of chocolate cookies. Offering this flavor in a buttercreme format closely resembles the filling in chocolate sandwich cookies that consumers love. Mint Cookies N’ Crème is a new take on the traditional favorite and was inspired by the popularity of this exhilarating ice cream flavor. Confetti packs a party of bright candy sequins perfect for any celebration and has the birthday cake flavor that both kids and adults crave. The most recent addition to the Fusion family, Chocolate Orange, resembles Brill’s creamy, chocolate buttercreme with a delicious punch of fresh, orange zest flavor. Each variety has zero grams of trans fat per serving. 



We make more turnovers than anyone, and no other bakery products company can match the amount of tasty fruit filling we add to our turnovers. Best of all, our turnovers are all natural with no additives in the dough or fillings.

From the popular minis to the more traditional, we have a variety of flavors and sizes to meet all of your customers' needs. Provide the best selling flavors year round and bring in seasonally inspired varieties as an added treat. Our turnovers are easy to use, going straight from the freezer to the oven. Available with and without sugar topping, you can also add string icing as a finishing touch.


Looking for a classic croissant? We offer a complete line, from European-style croissants made with real butter, to those used as sandwich carriers. Our formulas capture the optimal number of layers to create flaky, tasty sensations.

Popular choices include almond- and dark chocolate-filled, as well as whole-grain croissants for health-conscious consumers. Our filled selections encompass a variety of delectable flavors made from the highest-quality ingredients and feature 31-33% of their total weight in filling to create a balanced taste and feel. Even more, we guarantee excellent freezer tolerance in all of our croissants.

Selections include:

  • Golden European Butter Croissants
  • Golden Margarine Croissants
  • Whole-Grain Croissants
  • Filled Croissants
  • Specialty Croissants


Who can resist the smell of a warm cinnamon roll? Let the salivating begin with our cinnamon and orange rolls. These flaky, moist wonders are available in various sizes and are also offered in a complete baking kit that includes icing and glaze. The orange roll icing features real orange peel for a deliciously tangy and irresistible flavor.

When it comes to danish, ours are formulated to ensure an unbeatable, rich, one-of-a-kind treat. And let's not forget our filled pastries, which are loaded with delicious fruits or cream cheese for the perfect breakfast treat, snack or signature dessert. From our strudels to the authentic Latin flavors of Fiesta Squares, our filled pastries are totally irresistible.



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