When was CSM Bakery Products formed?

CSM Bakery Products was formed in 2010 when CSM integrated Best Brands Corp. with H.C. Brill Company, Inc.

What is the difference between CSM Bakery Products and the brands I’ve ordered in the past?

CSM Bakery Products is made up of a mosaic of its heritage brands including Brill, Multifoods and Henry & Henry. Visit our brands section for more information.

What products does CSM Bakery Products have?

CSM Bakery Products has the most complete sweet goods product portfolio in the nation. Highlights include cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, bakery mixes, icings, toppings, fruit and créme fillings, plus laminated dough and pastries. Visit our products section for more information.

How can I order products from CSM Bakery Products?

Our customer service department can help to connect you with a salesperson or appropriate contact to order our delicious products. They can be reached at +1 (800) 241-8526.

Is CSM Bakery Products publically traded?

CSM Bakery Products parent company is CSM which is headquartered company and is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.

I want to work for you! How do I apply?

Please visit our careers page to learn more about working at CSM Bakery Products and to search for jobs.

Where do I obtain a login and password for the website?

Access to the login area is provided to our customers and partners. Please contact your CSM Bakery Products representative for more information.

Does CSM Bakery Products have exhibits at trade shows?

Yes, visit our news & events page for a list of upcoming events.